Admit it, you need help

Being strong, or as I like to often call it, “prideful”, comes with a price.  Usually it’s in the form of exhaustion, emotional breakdown, a slight case of what feels like alzheimers, and mild bouts of hysterics.  I’ve decided that pride isn’t for me. It’s just not fun. It’s way easier to be honest with myself and others and admit when I need help.  

Can I encourage you to admit you need help too?  In this world that’s so saturated with perfectionism and ideas of what our lives are “supposed to” look like, a break from the rat race may be just what you need.  BONUS! It comes with a huge sigh of relief, accompanied by a giant heaping handful of gratitude to your own self and possibly internal high fives.

Help can come in the form of several things.  And when I say “get the help”, I mean all of it.  I’ve recently made these efforts for my own sanity and the normalcy of my family life.  I’m happy to say I’m a recovering I CAN AND WILL DO IT ALL addict.

Are you ready to shout it loud and proud too?  Let’s do this…..

MINIMIZE // A few years ago I made the choice to minimize our home and freshen up our living space to feel free of clutter.  During that season, I was having trouble getting past some anxieties and stressers.  I focused on going room by room, one at a time, gathering things that didn't serve me or our family.  This time around we didn't wait to hold a garage sale.  I wanted it GONE, so donating was our choice pitch.  It helped me create a mind set of "don't buy it unless it serves a purpose".  Freeing our living space of the crap also freed my head space.  (A favorite website for starting out and maintaining can be found HERE)

GET A HOUSE KEEPER // When I learned that friends hired services to clean their homes, I gave them labels.  I will not admit to what labels I gave them, but it was foolish of me. Hiring a house keeper always felt like a boojee thing to do.  Obviously, I was also jealous that they could afford one. I mean, let’s be honest here. But recently, Scott and I paid off both our vehicles and a couple other outstanding debt items and I turned to him and said “I’m hiring a house keeper - I need my time back”.  It was one of the best decisions. I cannot begin to describe how refreshing it is when I come home after a long work day to a home that smells like lemon, fresh cotton, and everything shines and is free of dog hair. I get to spend extra time snuggling my kiddos and having meaningful eye-to-eye conversations with my love versus staring at a vacuum or scrubbing questionable goo off the bathroom counter (thank you, slime obsessed child).  Our fantastic new friends only come every couple of weeks, but it’s been the best help and it’s totally affordable.


FOOD DELIVERY TO YOUR DOOR  // There are many days/weekends where I just loathe the idea of tirelessly pushing the cart through a packed store (unless we’re going to Target, because duh).  Enter in home delivery meal services. Thank the Lord baby Jesus. Our go-tos:

  • Hello Fresh.  They provide quick, easy, family friendly recipes with a manageable amount of ingredients and little prep time.   Bonus is getting my kids involved. They enjoy reading the recipe cards and practicing their kitchen skills. Invite friends to join - GIVE $40 GET $20!  They will receive a discount on their first order + you will receive credit to your account!
  • For my local friends:  KLESICK's for farm-fresh organic produce to your door (or) SMITH BROTHERS FARMS for dairy, bread, coffee, and other great quality items.  Both offer fresh, organic items to help you provide the best quality for you and your family.

KLESICK DISCOUNT:  Use code HONESTFOOD for $10 off first delivery

SMITH BROTHERS:  Use code EASY10 for $10 off first delivery


GET THERAPY // There are so many ways to soothe your anxiety, de-stress, and de-craze your heart and mind.  I've tapped in to most all of them.  They are all beneficial.  A counselor - to talk things out and get a non-biased view while providing tools for coping.  Essential oils - to awaken the brain, alleviate anxiousness, and revitalize energy.  A prescription anti-depressant - when everything else just honestly isn't enough.  I have discovered that adding a small dose of an anti-depressant has really helped take the edge off and help me balance out. 


PRAY // Praying has honestly never come natural to me.  It does, however, come natural when I'm in the pits and it's all I have left to cling on to.  This statement's hard to admit, but it's the honest truth and it bums me out.  I'm currently trying to adapt the habit of daily devotions and quiet time in prayer and meditation.  When I do, my day turns in a more positive direction and I can feel the encouragement through His word.  I can be honest and transparent with Him, which takes the burden from my worries and anxieties.    

SMALL GOALS ARE OKAY // Walking 10 minutes a day versus trying to cold turkey throw yourself in to 1 hour work out sessions that leaves you feeling deflated, defeated, and possibly barfy can be way more effective at getting you to where you'd like to be.  Start small with your goals and you'll find that gradually you'll end up where you want to be!  Increase your goals by small increments in order to maintain your drive.  I'm not just talking exercise - I'm talking all the things.  I burn out so fast when I go full steam ahead.  I beat myself up for "failing" all too often because of this assumption that I need to go as hard as possible, as fast as possible, and get to the end result as quickly as possible.  Not helpful AT. ALL.  Start small, set your timeline, pace yourself, BREATHE.   

THE WHITE SCREEN GAME // I have a hard time containing myself on this one.  As much as I love how the internet and social media benefits us, I absolutely loathe it.  I see friends change who they are to please a following of strangers.  I hear my daughter say things like "look how many likes I have on this post!"  Family or friends interject in public online conversations that are a waist of breath, no one can agree, everyone argues their point and the world doesn't stop for why bother. When boredom sets in, instead of reaching for a book, a game, or going for a walk, the phone is front and center of a loved one.... enter in the black hole that is social media garbage.  Just remember, once the time is spent, it never returns.  Use it wisely.  Does it serve you?  Do you need to dial back your screen time and refocus your energy? 


We all have the same amount of minutes and hours in a day and the same amount of days in a year.  How we use it is up to us.  We can choose to drown ourselves in YESES, fall in to the pits of social media's example of perfection, or we can break our days and hours and minutes in to what serves us and our families and put aside what doesn't suit us.  No one person is necessarily motivated more than another, it simply comes down to how we choose to use our minutes, adjust where we can, and how we celebrate life's small victories.