Sleep Saves - ft. Moonlit Skincare

Sleep is my favorite. What is NOT my favorite is when my sleep is compromised due to, well, lots of things. Kids, dog, stress, period, thunderstorms (because I’m a big baby), and allowing Netflix to take over my life.

Recently, I’ve listened to many intelligent people I trust and respect talk about the importance of sleep. Not rest, SLEEP. The scientific stats and facts are enough to scare anybody straight….. to sleep.


Let’s quickly run down the list of things that can occur as a result of sleep deprivation:

  • risk of cancer

  • risk of diabetes

  • drowsiness/risk of car accident

  • compromised immune system

  • weight gain

  • brain fog

  • low libido

  • erratic behavior

  • high blood pressure

  • heart attack

  • depression

  • aging/dehydrated skin

  • forgetfulness

  • brain damage similar to that of a drug addict

Okay, so now that you’re terrified of ever losing sleep again, let’s talk about remedies.

First thing, sleep will save your life, literally. Like water, air, and food, sleep nourishes your body to good health and keeps you living. And it helps you act like a sane individual in public...

I’ve been spending a lot of time understanding my body as it has been aging and am learning a lot of helpful nuggets from Sarah Gottfried and her book YOUNGER. You can find this book + other of my favorites on the SELF CARE page. I’ve been specifically interested in the important role CORTISOL plays in our daily lives. From how it is released due to eustress “good stress” or distress “bad stress” - Eustress is in the form of excitement, pleasure, invigoration, with an end result of feeling satisfied/euphoric. This heightens the cortisol, but then has a return to norm with the end result. Whereas, Distress causes a heightened cortisol release with its erratic anxiety flying its freak flag around wildly and not coming down. Continuous release of cortisol can cause alertness at odd hours of the day (ie: trying to sleep but stressed out about a project at work tomorrow). Allowing cortisol to level out during sleep and raise back up to help you awake naturally in the morning will promote healthy routine sleep. Heightened cortisol levels during the night will throw off your body’s mechanism by way of negatively effecting your blood pressure, insulin, weight, hormones, and the list goes on. But getting cortisol to slow its roll before bed takes some effort, especially if you’re prone to thinking about work stresses, deadlines, or crucial conversations that need to occur the following day.

Aside from the obvious things like drinking lots of water, incorporating daily activity to help with cortisol release stability, having a consistent bedtime, turning off electronics an hour before bed, and sleeping in a cool room, I never imagined my skincare would actually help me sleep better. That was until I was introduced to Moonlit Skincare.


“This fearless facial oil works through the night to moisturize, plump, soften, and smooth uneven skin tone with a powerful combination of jojoba and sunflower oils.

Ginseng and papaya help fuel skin cell turnover, while grapeseed oil delivers a firming collagen boost. With these ingredients working overtime — along with a calming lavender scent — you're in for a peaceful and rejuvenating beauty sleep!” - Midnight Shift by Moonlit Skincare


A dime size warmed in the palms and gently massaged over the face delivers relaxation and comfort like a bedtime blanket for the skin. The lavender promotes a peaceful response and readies your mind, body and spirit for a lovely night’s sleep.


“We start to get sleepy around 9PM-11PM , when our body's natural melatonin kicks in. That paired with Midnight Shift Overnight Facial Oil’s calming lavender scent aids in reducing tension and decreasing heart rate.

Nighttime is primetime for skincare because the skin's protective barrier naturally weakens, allowing greater penetration of ingredients. However, it is also subject to severe dehydration. The combination of jojoba oil and sunflower oil in Midnight Shift Overnight Facial Oil delivers moisture and locks in hydration all night long, plumping up fine lines and wrinkles.

From 11PM- 6AM, your skin regenerates at the fastest rate. During this peak recovery time, ginseng and papaya in Midnight Shift Overnight Facial Oil fuel cell turnover and the creation of fresh skin cells, while grapeseed oil delivers a collagen boost.”

Not only does Midnight Shift aid to better sleep, my skin still feels moisturized by morning, which is very rare. Typically, I have a dry t-zone and by morning I would feel like a snake shedding its skin (I know, gross, you’re welcome). The dynamite combination of Jojoba and sunflower oil absorb moisture back into the skin, but also keep a barrier on the outer layer for protection through the night without clogging pores or creating a greasy slick. But remember, a base moisturizer under the oil is still key to creating a healthy glow. Oil cannot manage all that pressure alone. I recommend trying PRIMALLY PURE BEAUTY CREAM which has anti-aging and organic properties.

You can rest easy knowing that Midnight Shift is doing all the work while you sleep and gifting you amazing rested skin by morning.

Now, time to work on all the other things that keep me up at night….. #momlife #worklife #life

Chat soon,

xo Melody

moonlit skincare graciously gifted product for me to experience. the views and experiences expressed here come from my honest opinion.