Honest honors

I’m thankful for my struggle, because without it, I wouldn’t have stumbled across my strength
— Alex Elle
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Being vulnerable and transparent about real life can feel overwhelming, scary and sometimes masked in shame.  But have you ever, in a wave of desperation and emotion, freed yourself of the potential labels and allowed your story to unfold?  How did you feel after the tsunami of emotion settled?  Did the recipient of your word vomit sympathize, empathize, nod in agreement....and maybe cry with you?  Were you suddenly aware that YOU WERE NOT ALONE?  And a heavy weight, lifted?    

Honest Chatter would like to Honor those who have opened their hearts to us.  Honest Honors is a place for them to tell their story, offer their learning lessons and share how they turned hopelessness in to a bright and shining new hope.  Where social media and society lead us to believe we must paint a picture of perfection on our walls to be considered fortunate in life, Honest Honors breaks those walls down and uses the cracks as the foundation to rebuild new hope, new faith, and restoration.  

Follow along as these women pour out their hearts in THEIR STORIES.