there's healing in sharing

From spontaneous heart opening conversation between childhood friends, HONEST CHATTER was born.  I believe there is power in telling your story.  Honest Chatter is a platform for women to share their stories of healing, fear to faith, recovery and restoration.  And along the way, it is with great hope that you find comfort, connection, learn valuable insight in things such as how you expense your energy, why each moment is a gift, how to simplify the all-to chaotic life, and where you can seek everyday joy.

HONEST CHATTER is raw emotion, genuine and truthful life talk, and a place for humor about just trying to get by!  The spilled milk on a Monday morning, stepping in the new puppy's poop and tracking it through the house, the child who comes home from school without her skirt on and just tights and a sweater.... Yes, this happened.  

 We share to inspire and be inspired and trust that each story in our lives was created with purpose.  It's not necessarily our story to tell, but rather the story that was planted in our lives by God, to connect us with others, awaken the weary hearts, and most of all, share His grace.   

Will you tell your story?


Melody Todd

Resides in WA, north of Seattle.  Wife to Scott and mother to 2 daughters Holland and Savannah.  Daughter of Christ. Melody has worked outside of the home for the same company 17+ years as an Office Manager/EA.  Melody enjoys cooking with the kids, telling high school stories over and over with her high school sweatheart husband, is a lover of cats, essential oils, La Croix water, yoga, a good family hike, letting music write the mood, and overgramming on the IG.  Mostly, a lover of people, their laughter and a good open heart conversation that concludes with smiles, tears and hugs.        


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