Marriage Care Date Series - City Sweats


Scott and I are honestly pretty terrible at remembering to carve time out for US. Although, we do a pretty decent job of staying up too late on a school night just talking about life. So, it’s sort of like date night with out the babysitter and dressing up like adults. No, I’m wrong…. it’s not like date night. That’s a lie to make myself feel better.

Anyhow, I realized as our schedules were getting more hectic and stress levels were heightened that we really just needed a date. But not just a dinner + movie sort of date. We needed some marriage-self-care. We’ve been expelling a lot of energy by burning the candle at both ends and putting the kids before US.

Seeing as how both of us really needed time together to jump start our hearts + time solo to reboot our brains, we opted for a day-date that included self-care, rejuvenating treatments. Pop over a couple posts back to read up on our date experience consisting of floating for an hour in a salt water tank.

For our most recent MARRIAGE CARE DATE we visited the beautiful staff at City Sweats . When we stepped in to the boutique spa, we were hugged by the warm air and a bouquet of sage, citrus, and peppermint bloomed about the quaint space that was draped top to bottom in taupe curtains.


Dee, who founded City Sweats in 2014, has spent most of her life keeping her health and wellness top of mind. And in doing so, extending her knowledge, and first hand experience with healing due to infrared therapy, to the community.

City Sweats specializes in a unique infrared sauna experience with individual or multi-guest sauna cabins that last roughly 45 minutes at about 145 degrees. Other treatments offered include massage therapy, lymphatic drainage massage, cavitation, body scrub, and infrared body wrap. The infrared saunas, along with the other treatments serve a great purpose in that they push out nasty toxins (think cold season remedy!), combat the every day devils of stress and anxiety, insomnia, asthma, calms blood pressure, and supports skin rejuvenation. Frequent guests of City Sweats also include individuals undergoing chemotherapy or suffer from physical diagnosis that cause daily aches and pains.


After you check in and sign the waiver, you will be invited to place your shoes and personal belongings in a large basket which will tag along with you to your treatment(s).

You will be offered a tonic shot prior to, or post, treatment(s). Each tonic has substantial benefits and offer support during your experience by keeping your PH balance regulated, your body hydrated, and general overall wellness. Scott and I chose an Apple Pie tonic!

You will take a large bottle of Alkaline water with you to your treatment(s). Alkaline water is rich in antioxidants, rids the body of acidic waste, and helps keep you hydrated 6x more than regular water.



Scott and I experienced 3 treatments: Lymphatic Drainage Massage, Relaxation Massage Therapy, and Infrared Sauna

  • Lymphatic Drainage - 45 mins // Fully clothed, they wrap your mid section, arms, legs and ankles and feet. During the 45 minute process “The lymphatic drainage massage machine stimulates the lymphatic system to push toxin-filled fluid out of the body. The machine utilizes a non-invasive technique which applies pressure to various parts of the body to promote circulation. Especially beneficial for colds and infections.” You also have the opportunity to catch up on your Netflix shows while the machine does the work on your body! 45 minutes of Friends episodes? Yes please!

  • Massage Therapy - 60 mins // We both had a Relaxation Massage with the lovely Sunny. Mine took place after the lymphatic drainage. Once it was time for me to turn over Sunny had me sit straight up as my nasal passages unloaded. It was insane. After all, my body was beginning to fight against a seasonal cold, so the lymphatic massage pushed all those sicky toxins right out! I asked Sunny who’s back was more messed up - mine or Scott’s. She replied “oh girrrrl….” Apparently we were both pretty messed up. #thatstresslife

  • Infrared Sauna - 45 mins // We enjoyed a couples sauna cabin for a 45 minute closing to our day at City Sweats. You have your own private space where you can relax inside or outside of the sauna at your leisure. You are provided a refreshing peppermint mist to offer relief midst sauna if you need to break. You can adjust the lights in the sauna based on the health benefits you’d like to achieve.

Beach Sanctuary // Post treatment, you’ll want to enjoy the summer-like beach themed sanctuary in the rear of the spa. Draped with light and airy curtain seating, low lighting, and even a bed of cool, soothing white sand, it is the perfect end to a deliciously relaxing day. Waiting for your arrival will be a refreshing offering of orange slices + decaffeinated fruit tea to gently carry you back to reality.


what you can experience post treatment/sauna

Being that my body was beginning to show signs of a seasonal cold, I knew I was most likely going to feel it push through me once our day was adjourning. Sure enough, while we were walking to grab some lunch, I was ready for a nap, but also getting a bit hangry. Once I got a plate of deliciousness down the hatch I felt much more rejuvenated.

Having the Alkaline water was a huge benefit to ensuring hydration so as to not feel drained after sweating and detoxing for several hours. Neither of us noticed any typical dehydration signs such as headaches or fatigue, so I feel confident that City Sweats fully prepares you for your treatments and our bodies’ natural response to sweating. We highly recommend taking a tonic shot and drinking plenty of the Alkaline water offered by City Sweats.

A sense of relaxation and peacefulness can be experienced post treatment/sauna. Accompanied with overall wellness and clarity.


If you’re looking to step up you dating life, think about opportunities that include some much needed self-care time for YOU while also including time together to reconnect. Once we completed our solo massages, we reunited in the couples sauna where we were able to just be still together and take in the peace and quiet in each other’s company. Post City Sweats, we dined at nearby favorite, Thackeray. Food tasted brighter than usual, and we even scored a couple refreshing cocktails on the house at the bar.

Dating can be anything you NEED it to be. For Scott and I, we work really hard outside the home and put a lot of energy in to our jobs, our kids, and relationships. So taking care of ourselves leads to being better for one another. City Sweats was a great way for us to meet our personal needs while meeting the needs of our marriage.

if your interest has been peaked, take advantage of a discount on your first session by clicking this link: