POPSUGAR. Fitness - Why you don't need a gym!

When I calculate the hours in my day, it leaves me a small 30 minutes window to work out early in the morning before the house wakes.  Well, now that we have a puppy it's typically just he and I in the cold garage and he's barking to the rhythm of my burpees and ab twists.  Super helpful.   My husband and I decided we would rather just park the cars outside the garage to build a at-home gym that was open 24/7.  No excuses.  Well, rarely (insert rolling of the eyes due to long work day and just wanting beer).  We laid down some foam mats, hung a punching bag, situated a treadmill, resistance bands and a small shelving unit for weights and other equipment such as jump ropes, gloves, bands and HAND SANI!!  Because....gross sweat.  

When I initially began my at-home workouts, it was REALLY TOUGH.  No one barking orders, pushing me, and telling me to keep going.  It was all in my head.  And to be honest....5:30am work outs when it's just YOU motivating YOU is like....really really hard.  And exhausting, when you're already tired.  So I gave up easily.  UNTIL, I discovered POPSUGAR FITNESS!  Example circuit:

And thus my obsession began.  POPSUGAR FITNESS offers tons of PRINTABLE circuit work outs.  So easy to follow at home, gets the sweat beading and the heart rate pumping.  I love a good organized work out where I get into a rhythm.  I find myself getting to that last rep and surprised that I've hit the end!  Sometimes I don't even want it to end!  This is where I spend about 5 minutes dancing like a ridiculous idiot and breathing in all the joy I feel after a good sweat sesh! 

Don't have the garage space?  No worries!  All you need:

  • a print out of your target circuit workout or have a iPad/smart phone to view from - search their site for "printable circuit" and you'll get TONS of options 
  • a pair of 5 lb weights and 10-12 lb weights if you want to push yourself
  • a killer work out playlist - you can hit up our Spotify play lists for some good jams that'll make you dance while you werk it
  • a flat surface or mat is helpful
  • water!
  • (maybe a work out buddy who also needs the push, even if it's just a early morning text or phone call to tell them to WAKE UP!)

Lastly, download POPSUGAR Active  in the iTunes app store for one heck of a fun app that will help get your health in check! 

courtesy of POPSUGAR on iTunes

courtesy of POPSUGAR on iTunes

Your fitness life should be fun, fulfilling, and easy to create. Loaded with video workouts, challenges, photo tutorials, and treadmill workouts, POPSUGAR Active is designed to meet your exercise needs. Having the POPSUGAR Active app in your pocket means you can work out whenever and wherever. Beat the boredom of stale fitness routines by creating your own video playlists from our constantly updated catalog of workouts. The app also features preloaded workout routines to inspire you to get your sweat on, but you can always create and customize routines that are more-personalized just for you! And you will never feel like you are on your own when sweating alongside celebrity trainers and POPSUGAR Fitness experts in our Class FitSugar videos.
my home gym is not glamorous - it is functional and it's ALWAYS OPEN!

my home gym is not glamorous - it is functional and it's ALWAYS OPEN!