The Alison Show - Awesome With Alison Podcast

I first learned of Alison Faulkner from an IG post from a friend who shared space with her at an influencer event.  She looked adorable, was sparkling with enthusiasm in the pictures, and most of all, she looked FUN!  I gave her a IG follow and she did not disappoint.  Full of life, love of dancing and throwing sparkling parties, cookies, crafts and encouraging others to just be awesome!  

Recently, she launched a Podcast Awesome with Alison which turned out to be just what I needed to get my rear in gear.  Topics such as "Are you slaying your goals" and "Are you having enough fun?"  After episode 1.0 I immediately emailed Alison to let her know how much I appreciated what she had birthed in this podcast.  To my pleasant surprise, she emailed me back within a day, offering her book suggestions and advice.  She was totally engaged in our conversation, which made me appreciate her even more.  

Her husband joins her on each podcast, which I find completely endearing and supportive.  Their romantic banter is humorous and raw.  They opened up about their story, how they moved past obstacles, what lessons they learned along the way, and tips, tools, and books for a successful journey in to business ownership or just making it at this thing called LIFE.