Sydney Mintle - Sydney Loves Fashion and Gossip & Glamour

She is a fire.  She is a fierce, fabulous, fashionable fire.  And most of all, she is my dear friend who inspires me, encourages me, and helps me foster new ideas when I need motivation.  I first learned about blogging when we met at work eons ago.  She's always on the cusp of the next big trend, the Seattle fashion scene, and the hottest boutiques.  I call her to schedule shopping dates when I need her advice, her powerful insight, and most of all, no bull perspective, layered with sometimes inappropriate humor.  But this is why I adore her.  

Back when AOL IM was a cool thing, she gave me my handler name "CHATRBOX".  Clearly it has stuck- a decade later  

She has a love for the dazzling city life, which this small-town girl lives vicariously through.  Her family is always her #1 priority.  Sweeping the globe, together, as a brood of 4,  I admire her ability to successfully blend her personal and professional life with grace and tact.

She has embraced my vision as I've stepped cautiously and mindfully into this world of blogging, lifting me up each step of the way.  Whether it be a shopping lunch date, yoga event, moms weekend away, kid play date, posh influencer event, or champagne filled, roof top, nightlife party, I always feel rejuvenated and ready to tackle the world.

As the Founder of Gossip & Glamour and blogger extraordinaire for Sydney Loves Fashion, Sydney brings honest and trustworthy advice as you navigate the Seattle trends.  I am so grateful she is in my corner.   You all need a Syd in yours. 

Melody Todd