Portia Smith - Obsessed by Portia

Portia came in to my life just slightly over 1 year ago, by random Instagram following.  For once, I believed that social media had a magical purpose.  Because when I met Portia in person over tea at Starbucks on a "blind date" we immediately hit it off.  I recall walking back to my car, buzzing, after our laughter-filled chat.  She was honest, raw, hilarious, absolutely adorable, and a believer in Jesus!  I said to myself, "Thank you God for placing her in my life right when I needed it!"  Portia is a influencer (aka Blogger) and "all around obsessed-aficianado" whom I highly respect for her tenacious hustle and drive for success.  She, too, is a mom of 2 girls, so we instantly bonded over the eye-rolling stories of raising females.  

She's a lover of a good sweaty work out, vegetarian dishes, family vacations, and is a small town girl who loves the big city!  Give Obsessed by Portia a follow - she doesn't disappoint!