Grit & Virtue

"Grit & Virtue creates opportunities for the woman on a mission to make connections, gain exposure, and receive resources to equip her along the way.  We’re enabling our audience to join a community with similar passions and beliefs. To find the resources they need to succeed on their journey. It takes Grit, because the journey isn’t easy. There will be times that your flesh tells you to give up, but you have to persevere. It takes Virtue, because building something with purpose means ensuring that it’s honorable, based on integrity, and that it’s coming from a place of authenticity." - Grit & Virtue

Everything about Grit & Virtue speaks right to the center of my heart.  Building up women and empowering them to seek out their purpose through posts and stories of encouragement from the community around us.  We need more women like these to flood our society today, in a world so troubled and just down right hard.  Like Honest Chatter, their mission is to share stories, inspire renewed faith, and remind each and every one of us that we're not going at this life thing alone.  Join their community and follow them on Instagram for daily, subtle reminders of how big our God's love is for us.  "Join the tribe of women on a mission."

Melody Todd