Protein Power Balls

The most versatile snack, packed with protein, natural sweetness, and sustaining power.  These protein power balls are common among the health and fitness crowd as an easy protein snack and helps satisfy the sweet tooth.  These are also great snacks for kiddos!  Perfect for on-the-go!  You've probably seen them a million bazillion times on Pinterest, but if you haven't tried them yet, you're totally missing out.  The best part?  You can basically re-invent these over and over and over again however you want and with whatever you want!    

In a processor:

- 1 c. rolled oats (I prefer Bob's Red Mill

- 3 tbsp coconut flour

- 1/4 to 1/2 c. natural nut butter of choice

- 1/4 c. raw almonds

- 3 tbsp chia seeds

- 4 dates, pre chopped for easier processing

- 1/4 c. honey

- 1/2 c. all natural unsweetened coconut (I prefer Bob's Red Mill)

- 1/4 c. flaxseeds (seeds or ground - if you choose seeds, you may need to add extra moisture/sticky ingredients to help bind)

- 2 tbsp melted coconut oil or some olive oil to help bind

*Optional - dark chocolate pieces, dried cranberries, vanilla, cinnamon, mashed banana helps as a binder

1.  Combine all dry ingredients 

2.  Add in the sticky ingredients and pulse about 5 times - examine the consistency and test the stickiness

3.  Add in 1/2 the amount of your oil and pulse about 5 more times - test the consistency

4.  Add in last amount of oil

5.  Test consistency to hold up in a ball and taste test for flavor - add in more nut butter or honey for binding or sweetness

6.  When it's just right, make sure it's well blended and begin making your balls by scooping 1 heaping TBSP in to your hands and rolling - placing on a parchment paper when finished

7.  Optional:  Roll in fine shredded unsweetened coconut

Keep in the fridge!

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